Why You Need a DUI Attorney

Why You Need a Los Angeles DUI Attorney

In today’s world, many criminal offenses are beginning to be taken more seriously than in the past. One of these is driving under the influence, better known as DUI. Whether under the influence of drugs or alcohol, both law enforcement agencies and the courts have taken a much stronger stand in recent years in an effort to curb the growing number of arrests. Viewed by police, courts and citizens as a crime against the community at large, DUI is a crime that can make a person’s life extremely complicated in a hurry once arrested. Not only is there the embarrassment of the arrest itself, but that will be followed by court hearings and eventually sentencing being handed down. To make sure your rights are protected if charged with this crime, it is best to utilize the services of a DUI attorney who is experienced in these specific cases.

Protecting Your Rights
First and foremost, a DUI attorney will make sure all of your legal rights are protected as the legal process plays out. The attorney will make sure the officer read the Miranda rights to you prior to the arrest, making sure the arrest itself is legal. The attorney will also ensure you understand your Miranda rights and act as a buffer between you and the legal system, guarding against the possibility of illegal or unethical tactics being used against you.

Analyzing the Evidence
An experienced DUI attorney will immediately want to hear your side of the story, and will look for any discrepancies between your story and that of the arresting officer. Many times, the officer may act hastily when administering sobriety tests or deciding when to make an arrest. In these instances, your attorney can use this in court to show a lack of judgment from the officer or even the possibility a test was administered incorrectly. They will also examine police reports, look over the results of any breathalyzer tests and other evidence and more to poke holes in the case against you.

Legal Representation
Although having an attorney to represent them in court is almost always the smart choice to make, many people choose instead to represent themselves in DUI cases. This is without a doubt the worst mistake you can make in these cases, often leading to a conviction that may not be warranted. Because the court system has a docket full of DUI cases to hear, many times charges can be reduced or dropped altogether depending on the strength of the prosecution’s case. Plea bargaining is a task best left to the professionals, and it can greatly benefit those who choose to use a DUI attorney. In many states, a DUI charge can be plea bargained down to reckless driving, which will eliminate the possibility of jail time as well as make sure your driver’s license will not be suspended. By using a DUI attorney who understands the system and how it can be used in your favor, what at first appear to be very serious charges can instead be reduced to ones that may simply put you on probation for a short period of time or have you perform community service.

Peace of Mind
Perhaps most of all, hiring a DUI attorney to handle your case can provide peace of mind that is needed during these stressful times. The lawyer will be able to help you take a step back, relax, and realize your world is not crashing down around you. In many of these cases, prosecutors are banking on a defendant not knowing what to do and how to do it. They may discourage a person from seeking legal representation, then get them in court and pressure them into making poor decisions they would otherwise not make if they had a DUI attorney handling their case. Though paying for the services of an attorney can be somewhat expensive, the results they can provide make it well worth the cost. Being able to walk out of a courtroom with one’s freedom and reputation in tact makes any amount of money paid a good investment, and a DUI attorney who has your best interests at heart can make sure that is exactly what happens.

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This was written by Nima Haddadi, a Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

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