Pedestrian Accidents Can Be Fatal

This article is by Steve Raiser, a top rated New York personal injury lawyer. In today’s world, roads are more crowded than ever. Whether it’s automobiles, motorcycles, large trucks, or other vehicles, there’s no doubt it is harder to stay safe when out on the road. This is especially true if you are a pedestrian, and while drivers have an obligation to act in a safe and responsible manner while behind the wheel, that doesn’t always happen. As a result, more and more pedestrians are injured each year due to the negligence of drivers, often leading to devastating results for the pedestrian. When this happens, medical bills begin to accumulate for the victim, leading to tremendous stress and worry. If you or a loved one have been involved in a pedestrian accident, contacting an attorney skilled in handling these cases can make a tremendous difference in the years ahead.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?
In almost all pedestrian cases, the accident is a direct result of negligence on the part of the driver. Some of the most common reasons for pedestrian accidents include drivers running a red light, being distracted due to talking or texting with a cell phone, ignoring crosswalks, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or numerous other reasons. However, despite them clearly being at fault for the accident, many drivers attempt to place blame instead on the pedestrian. Lawyers, along with the driver’s insurance company, will often state the victim put themselves in a dangerous situation by walking alongside the road, and will try to pressure the victim into admitting fault for the accident. When this happens, victims need an experienced and knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyer on their side, protecting their rights while also acting as a buffer between them and the high-pressure tactics of unscrupulous insurance companies and attorneys who may be ignoring evidence in an effort to simply win a case.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries
Needless to say, when a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle, the injuries can be serious if not life-threatening. In virtually every incident, the pedestrian has numerous broken bones, making it virtually impossible to lead a normal personal or work life. However, in some cases, the injuries are far more devastating. Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and even amputations may result from the accident, forever changing the victim’s life. While these injuries lead to extensive physical pain and suffering, they also result in tremendous emotional suffering as well. Depression, and in extreme cases attempted suicides, may happen as victims become more and more distraught with their circumstances. However, by hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer who knows how to help victims win their cases, many of these situations can be averted.

Advantages of an Experienced Attorney
When pedestrian accidents occur, having a lawyer who specializes in these cases can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. Medical bills, along with other expenses that may accumulate due to being unable to work, make an already bad situation much worse for victims and their families. However, an experienced attorney can use their knowledge of these cases to uncover evidence that may have been overlooked by police or others investigating the case, and can also interview witnesses in an effort to help their client’s case. In addition to this, they can also offer encouragement and support to their clients, assuring them they will be able to gain the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Consult With an Attorney
If a pedestrian is involved in an accident, they should schedule a consultation with a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. Because most lawyers offer free consultations, victims will have an opportunity to tell their side of the story in a pressure-free environment. Along with the free consultation, pedestrian accident lawyers often accept cases on a no-fee basis, meaning the client pays nothing unless their case is won. By doing so, victims who have little if any money do not have to worry about having a large sum of money in order to retain an attorney. If you or a loved one are suffering due to the negligence of an uncaring driver, let a pedestrian accident lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable about these cases help you receive the financial compensation and justice you deserve.

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