How do divorce lawyers charge?

Divorce attorneys typically charge in one of two ways. They can choose to charge you for each hour worked, or they can choose to charge you a flat fee. The method they elect to use to charge you, will typically depend on the amount of work required.

For example, if you have a tough case, it’s safe to expect that the divorce lawyer you hire will expect to be paid on an hourly basis. Because he cannot safely estimate the amount of work required – it’s a risk, for him to charge a flat fee.

Conversely, if he can – he’ll try to cap your costs by giving a flat fee. The benefit to the consumer – is that the fees are limited to whatever the attorney has quoted.

One of the biggest ways attorneys will commonly bill for extra hours, is when you call them, email them, or otherwise engage them. On average, attorneys will bill you for every minute —- even if they are just saying “hello how are you,” – technically you’re getting billed for that. As a result, it’s crucial you condense your discussion with the attorney and keep it specifically business. Moreover, instead of calling 3 times, about 3 separate things, condense it all into one discussion.

Some NYC Divorce attorneys will not offer a flat fee basis, if they think the case will go to trial – because they suspect they’llĀ end up working many hours, which are hard to estimate. For example if your spouse is contentious – and not friendly, then your attorney might ask you for more money in order to protect himself/herself.

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